Ranjit Water Supply Co.
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  • Dual Plate Wafer Type Chek Valve


  • Fire Safety Sprinklers

    Fire Safety Sprinklers

    CAS No.: 55-06-1 Molecular formula: C15H11I3NNaO4 Nolecular weight: 672.96 EINECS: 200-223-5 Appearence: white to beige powder
  • Sluice Valve

    We deal in variety of sluice valve from reputed manufacturers like: KARTAR, BIR, KARAN, KIRLOSKAR, AGRO

  • Pressure Reducing Valve (P.R.V.)

    Pressure Reducing Valve (P.R.V.)

    We are amongst the largest integrated suppliers and traders of Pressure Reducing Valve which is mostly used in large number of industries for pressure reduction of steam….
  • Reflux Valve

    Reflux Valves is supplied by our company for diverse industrial purposes. These Reflux Valves are independent or self operative and carries the flow of water from one direction to its destination point through water distribution line….

  • Ball Valve

    Ball Valve

    We are considered as the trusted supplier and trader of Standard Flow Ball Valves. Ball valve is also known with other name flow valves….
  • Gun Metal Gate Valve

    We are known for the best supplier and trader of Gun Metal Gate Valve. Our company provides the various sizes and shapes of Gun Metal Gate Valve according to the clients demand….
  • Butterfly Valve

    Butterfly Valve


    Paper & Pulp Industry, Waste & Effluent Treatment Plants, Water Treatment, Chemical & Sugar Industry, Fire Fighting, Drilling Rigs, Heating & Air Conditioning, Cooling Water Circulation, Compressed Air, Civil Constructions & numerous other.

  • C.I. And D.I. Pressure Pipe Fittings

    C.I. And D.I. Pressure Pipe Fittings (ductile iron pipe fittings) supplier is the market reputed company.C.I. And D.I. Pressure Pipe Fittings are used for transportation of sewage and water. It is better to use new and advanced pipe material which is strong and for a longer period so that sufficient quantities of water can be transported easily from different sources i.e from lakes, rivers etc and do not waste the water and it also reduces the risk of the leakage of water.
  • Cast Iron Foot Valve

    Cast Iron Foot Valve

  • Cast Iron Air Release Valve

    We are offering Cast Iron Air Release Valve and deals in the trading and supplying of such valves. We offers large varieties of Cast Iron Air Release Valve….
  • Cast Iron Fire Hydrant

    Cast Iron Fire Hydrant

    Our company deals in trading and supplying of Cast Iron Fire Hydrant. We provide different varieties which helps in the protection measures….
  • Wafer Swing Check Valve

    We are one of the main supplier and trader of Wafer Swing Check Valve. We provide high range of Wafer Swing Check Valve….
  • Gun Metal Ball Valve

    Gun Metal Ball Valve

    This company involves in supplying and trading of Gun Metal Ball Valves. As the most promienent Gun Metal Ball Valve supplier, we are capable of providing these valves in heavy weight….
  • Y-Strainers

    Our company handles the deal in trading and supplying of Y-Strainers. Y-Strainers are mostly used in heating and cooling systems and various other machines….
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